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Crystal Gridding Class

Creating Intention-Based Crystal Grids

Crystals are incredible storers and transmitters of information, and in this class, you'll learn easy, practical steps to utilizing them on crystal grids with love and intention for the highest good (plus some other fun bonus content!)

In this class you'll find: 

  • Why Grid? - The meaning and significance behind the practice
  • Supplies - A complete list of what you'll need to grid today including downloadable grids you can print immediately
  • Resources - Links to some of our fave online retailers as well as tips for sourcing high-quality crystals
  • Choosing Crystals - A list of common crystals by intention used for gridding
  • Setting Intentions - Journal prompts for exploring your intention plus a guided meditation for infusing your crystals with your intention
  • How to Build Your Grid - A thorough step-by-step written guide to building your own crystal grid
  • Crystal Storage + Cleaning - Guidance on storing your crystals, how we store ours, as well as the 7 ways to cleanse your crystals
  • Your Girlfriend's Guide to Gridding - A light-hearted 45-minute sister-style video where we talk crystals, gridding, intention-setting and more. It's like sitting in the retreat circle with us! 
  • Products We Love - A few resources we use almost daily to augment our crystal practice 
  • Bonus Content - Two of the ways we use crystals + water in our everyday lives plus instructional videos 

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